Our latest offer belongs to the Table Top Games and the name says it all.

We have created an atmosphere in the Stadtkeller Brig (in the basement of the restaurant Commerce) that is specially adapted to this offer and lets you dive into the world of the 19th century.

Introducing the Tesla Box Challenge:

The ultimate game of scientific discovery and critical thinking! Designed by none other than legendary inventor Nikola Tesla, this beautifully crafted wooden box is packed with intricate switches, a classic dial, and a secret key that will make you doubt yourself.

And this is just the beginning. The real prize is the stunning plasma sphere that Tesla himself spent years perfecting. The only way to make it glow is to solve a series of challenging puzzles and clues that will test your scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills.

As you turn the dial, remove the hidden key and experiment with the switches, you’ll be transported back to the golden age of invention, when Tesla pushed the limits of what was possible. With each successful step, you’ll get closer to igniting the plasma ball and experience the incredible energy and power that Tesla harnessed.


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